Novel processes for production of biochemicals

Technology and Product Development by Sustainable Bioproducts, LLC in Conjunction with Montana State University

Robust processes for remediation of waste waters

At Sustainable Bioproducts our mission is to bring sustainable products to market for a cleaner healthier planet.

Technology and Product Development

Sustainable Bioproducts has developed a process for easily converting waste feedstock to valuable commercial products. Our unique, highly efficient process is based on an extremophilic organisms. Furthermore, we are developing microbial processes for remediation of wastewaters including municipal wastewater, manure storage ponds, and acid mine drainage.

Products under development include:


High conversion efficiency to biodiesel and ethenol from lignocellulosic and other waste carbon substrates.



High-Value Oils

Biolubricants, paints, varnishes, and neutracuticals.





Powerful enzymes for commercial uses, such as rapid breakdown of lignocellulosic materials for lipid production and for use in detergents and degreasers.